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At Mountain Phoenix, our mission is to empower small business owners with a deeper understanding of their operations through business intelligence and data analysis using Excel and Power BI. We go beyond the conventional financial statements by leveraging timesheet data and other industry measurements to provide valuable insights and uncover key performance indicators.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between raw data and actionable intelligence, enabling business owners to make informed decisions that drive growth and maximize efficiency. By utilizing advanced analytical techniques, we help uncover hidden patterns, trends, and correlations within the data, unlocking valuable insights that can transform businesses.

Mountain Phoenix is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

Power BI
Power BI

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Monthly Metrics

Business Intelligence Consulting

Our expert consultants help you harness the power of data by offering strategic guidance on implementing business intelligence solutions tailored to your needs. Unlock actionable insights and enhance decision-making processes. 

Data Visualization Solutions

Transform complex data sets into intuitive visuals using cutting-edge tools like Power BI. Our data visualization services enable you to communicate trends, patterns, and KPIs effectively, enhancing your understanding of business performance.

Performance Metrics Tracking

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to your industry and operations. We design customized dashboards and reporting systems that provide real-time insights, enabling you to track progress and make informed adjustments.

Advanced Excel

Special Analysis Projects
Excel-Based Reports

Predictive Analytics Services

Leverage advanced analytics techniques to forecast future trends and outcomes based on historical data. Our predictive analytics services empower you to make proactive decisions, optimize resource allocation, and identify growth opportunities. 

Data Integration Solutions

Seamlessly merge data from various sources, including timesheets and industry measurements, to create a comprehensive view of your business. Our data integration services streamline information flow, allowing for better-informed decisions.

Benefits of Business Intelligence  

Informed Decision-Making

BI provides valuable insights and data analysis, enabling better decision-making across all levels of the organization. Data-driven decisions are more likely to be accurate and align with the organization's goals.

Competitive Advantage

BI helps businesses gain a competitive edge by identifying market trends, customer preferences, and opportunities for growth. It allows organizations to stay ahead of competitors by making informed strategic moves.

Enhanced Efficiency: 

BI streamlines data collection and analysis processes, reducing the time and effort required to generate meaningful insights. This increased efficiency allows employees to focus on more critical tasks and drives productivity.

Improved Operational Performance: 

With BI, businesses can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time, identify bottlenecks, and optimize processes. It leads to better operational efficiency and cost savings.

Customer Insights: 

BI helps in understanding customer behavior, preferences, and needs, leading to personalized marketing strategies and better customer satisfaction.

Risk Mitigation: 

BI enables organizations to identify potential risks and uncertainties, allowing them to proactively address and mitigate those risks, reducing the likelihood of negative impacts.

Data Integration: 

BI allows businesses to consolidate data from various sources, providing a unified view of information across the organization. This integration enhances data accuracy and consistency.

Forecasting and Planning: 

BI tools enable businesses to predict future trends and outcomes based on historical data, aiding in better planning and resource allocation.


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Andy Schouten

As a highly technical, reliable, and trustworthy professional, I bring integrity and problem-solving skills to every endeavor. With a diverse background encompassing operations management, human resources, logistics, and leadership roles, I have a proven track record of success. From my experience at an accounting firm to my role as a Field Artillery Officer in the US Army, I have honed my abilities in complex calculations, strategy formulation, compliance, customer service, and project management. I completed Microsoft Power Tools for Data Analysis, Excel Data Analysis, Excel Advanced, Excel Business Analytics, Excel for Statistical Analysis in Business, and Excel Business Math courses. Additionally, my Master's degree in Business Administration and certifications in Xero and Quickbooks demonstrate my commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of technology.

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